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Vertex Ultra

Category: 2-Person Double Hammocks

Price: $449.00

  • Type:  Two Person
  • Climate:  3-Season Winterizeable
  • Packing Weight:  5 lbs 5 oz / 2.4 kg
  • Packing Size:  20 X 7 in. / 50 X 17 cm
  • Safety/Comfort Weight Limit:  250 lbs / 113 kg (per bed)
  • Maximum Weight Limit:  700 lbs / 318 kg (per bed)
  • • Get our largest beds and an easier hang
  • • Get insulating pockets that keep you from having to bring insulation on warmer trips.
+ $14.00
+ $9.99




The Vertex double hammock just got more comfortable and easier to hang.  The Vertex Ultra offers larger beds that take guess-work out of your set-up.  The breathable WeatherShield offers privacy and warmth. The Vertex Ultra features two independent hammock beds and an ample storage compartment that can hold backpacks and items you may need during the night.  The hammock hangs from three supports.

The Vertex Ultra bed has two independent sleeping areas that hang independently while allowing the occupants to share the same tent.  The hammock is just as stable as Clark's other hammocks, so you don't need to worry if one person gets in or out.  In fact, you may not even notice if the other occupant exits the hammock during the night.  If you this model as a solo hammock, you may sleep on one side and place your backpack and other items in the second hammock bed.  Alternatively, a single occupant can turn diagonally across the hammock and the hammock will respond by providing the flattest hammock bed possible. 

The center storage section of the Vertex has ample space for two backpacks, or even a small child.  Two pockets attached to the center storage section can hold items you need during the night.  The two pockets can become one large pocket if you prefer to put a large item such as a backpack inside.

When temperatures drop below 60 degrees Farenheit,  you can attach the matching Z-Liner 270 underquilt (sold separately) to each bed to stay warm in temperatures down to 0 degrees F (-17 degrees C). 

Features: Two (2) hammock beds with independent stability are made from mosquito-resistant  fabric; Two (2) exterior storage pockets for shoes and gear; breathable WeatherShield for privacy and extra protection from cold, wind and moisture; four (4) interior storage pockets; full No-See-Um netting can be unzipped to foot-end where it stores in a pocket; built-in stuff bag; zippers include double sliders on both sides of hammock; flexible fiberglass poles in 9 sections for head and foot ends; three (3) non-wicking 1200 lb - 1700 lbs 12-18 ft. ropes

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