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MARK2 - Features and Set-up

MARK2 - Overview

Check out Spencer's how-to videos, plus other videos showing what our products can do.

NX-270 / NX-170 - New features

Packing up your NX-270 / NX-170

This process is similar for all models that have built-in stuff sacks. The main differences is that you don't have to open up the hammock to access the stuff sack with other models.

Vertex 2-Person Ad - There is nothing like it

Setting up the Clark Vertex 2-Person Hammock

Drip-Rings - For simple, adjustable suspension

Clark uses rope that will no soak in water and that will not stretch. These are two very desirable qualities that webbing typically lacks. When you install the aluminum drip ring on your rope, you add another barrier against water that could run down the rop of the line, plus it allows you to adjust the slack of the hammock with ease.

Made with Patented Technology

It's important to us that you find the model that best fits your needs. Your perfect hammock, made with care and great engineering, is waiting for you.

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Our Guarantee

We are certain you will absolutely love your new Clark hammock. The purpose of our guarantee is to give you the opportunity to try our hammock with as little financial risk as possible.

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