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Camo Tropical Ultra

Category: Military Hammocks

Price: $369.00

  • Type:  Solo
  • Climate:  3-season
  • Packing Weight:  2 lbs 9 oz / 1.18 kg
  • Packing Size:  15 X 7 X 4 in. / 38 X 17 X 10 cm
  • Safety/Comfort Weight Limit:  250 lbs / 113 kg
  • Maximum Weight Limit:  700 lbs / 318 kg
  • • Lightest warm-weather model
  • • Includes Standard sil-nylon tarp
+ $9.00
+ $7.75
+ $6.99


The CAMO Tropical Ultra is an ultralight hammock built for warm conditions. Get the highest quality No-See-Um netting paired with sturdy, mosquito-resistant bed fabric. You will stay dry, comfortable and bug-free.

Two storage pockets are large enough to hold boots and substantial gear.The pockets are equipt withc losure flaps which prevent spiders and insects from descending inside

The Tropical Ultra comes with our finest, most protective rain fly (Standard size), capable of keeping you bone-dry in any environment. The tarp is attached for easy set-up but can be easily detached when you wish to stargaze. This tarp can be upgraded to larger sizes when ordering. Further, the Tropical Ultra features two pockets underneath for storing boots and gear. There are also two pockets inside, handy for storing anything from a flashlight to a pistol. The pockets are spread apart to allow the fabric to breathe and keep you cool. The rain fly is removable and the netting folds into the foot of the hammock when you want nothing in between you and the stars. The Tropical Ultra's ropes are water-repelling polypropylene (1700 lbs. test).

Standard size waterproof sil-nylon rain fly is detachable; two larger pockets underneath hammock bed store boots and other gear and include flaps; mosquito-proof bed fabric; two interior pockets for small items; full No-See-Um netting has double zippers for highest level of versatility; mosquito-resistant bed fabric; 1700 lbs. test polypropylene, non-wicking rope; no-tip design; built-in stuff bag system; anti-stress bungee cords; high-quality tie-out cords

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Patent No. 5,913,772. Additional Patent Pending