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Camo North American

Category: Military Hammocks

Price: $449.00

  • Type:  Solo
  • Climate:  4-season
  • Packing Weight:  3 lbs 2 oz / 1.41 kg
  • Packing Size:  15 X 8 X 5 in. / 38 X 20 X 13 cm
  • Safety/Comfort Weight Limit:  250 lbs / 113 kg
  • Maximum Weight Limit:  700 lbs / 318 kg
  • • Lightest 4-season model
  • • Includes Standard sil-nylon tarp
+ $9.00
+ $7.75
+ $6.99



The classic Clark North American model is now larger and more comfortable than ever before. Whether you are expecting six feet of snow or tropical conditions, the North American will serve you well.If you want the most versatility possible for the weight and packing size, then the North American is for you.

.Every North American comes with two features you'll only find on Clark 4-season models: First, the deployable WeatherShield zips in to transform the hammock into an enclosed tent, providing warmth, a wind break, or extra protection from rain and snow. Second, the insulating pocket system keeps you warmer in cold weather, removing the need for insulating pads down to 32 F. A matching Z-Liner underquilt can be installed to provide warmth down to 0 F or below (sold separately).

A protective sil-nylon tarp offers great protection from rain and wind. The tarp is attached for easy set-up, but easily detached when you wish to view the stars.

The North American's insulating pockets double as storage space for your gear. These six pockets are located underneath the hammock where you may store your boots and other gear during the night. Two more pockets are located inside the hammock, handy for storing anything from a flashlight to a pistol. The North American's ropes are our strongest polypropylene (1700 lb. test).

Waterproof sil-nylon rain fly is detachable; water-resistent, breathable WeatherShield; six large pockets underneath hammock bed designed to store gear and provide insulation against the cold; two interior pockets for small items; mosquito-resistant hammock bed fabric; full No-See-Um netting has double zippers for highest level of versatility; 1700 lb. test polypropylene rope; no-tip design; built-in stuff bag system; anti-stress bungee cords.

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Patent No. 5,913,772. Additional Patent Pending