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Camo Flex-180

Category: Military Hammocks

Price: $499.00

  • Type:  Call for availability
  • Climate:  3-Season Winterizable
  • Packing Weight:  4 lbs 7 oz / 2.01 kg
  • Packing Size:  18 X 6 in. / 45 X 15 cm
  • Safety/Comfort Weight Limit:  300 lbs / 136 kg
  • Maximum Weight Limit:  700 lbs / 318 kg
  • • Flattest solo bed available
  • • Extra interior storage for gear or small occupant
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+ $6.99


The CAMO FLEX-180 gives you what you need most: options. The FLEX-180 may look like other models like the NX-250, but it is actually very different. For example, the FLEX-180 only has exit and entry on one side, rather than two sides like our other models. Also, the FLEX-180 is not equipt with insulating pockets. If you ever plan to use the FLEX-180 in cold temperatures (below 55 degrees F / 12 degrees C), you will want to use a Z-Liner underquilt or an insulating pad. The FLEX-180 works best as a solo hammock forexperienced hammock camperswho need a very flat sleeping position and who typically sleep in warm environments.

Here are four types of options you'll only get in the FLEX-180.

Comfort options: The amazingly flat, diagonal bed allows you to sleep more comfortably than ever before. The flatness allows for dozens of comfortable positions. A third rope adjusts the height of your legs and feet so that you can select your perfect level, giving you individualized comfort and the best night's sleep possible. The hammock can hang from two trees, or from three trees. When hanging from three supports, the hammock flexes to its full width, making the bed even more comfortable for diagonal sleeping.

Storage options: If you like to have your gear close at hand, you'll love the second bed of the FLEX-180 that acts as a storage area. This storage area includes sewn-in D-rings where you can clip gear you need during the night. At the top of the hammock bed, attachment points are available to store your backpack. All of your gear is protected from the elements and out of your way so you can get a great night's sleep.

Option to bring a friend: It's nice to have a large, comfortable hammock bed for yourself, but what about times when a friend, a child, or a dog would like to come along? Will they be able to sleep comfortably with you inside the FLEX-180? In a conventional hammock bed, they would be clumped together with you, making sleeping difficult and uncomfortable. The second bed of the FLEX-180 is perfect for an occupant up to 170 lbs. (77 kg). The hammock flexes apart to hang from three supports, creating ample sleeping space for two occupants. Best of all, since each occupant has their own bed, you won't be pressed together. Moving around will not disturb the other occupant because each bed hangs independently. Since the second bed is a half-sized bed, the FLEX-180 is better suited for backpackers who bring a friendor childoccasionally. If you always want to be able to have a companion with you, please consider our true 2-person VERTEX model.

Weather options: The FLEX-180 is ready to tackle many environments with built-in zippered No-See-Um netting and a built-in WeatherShield-- a breathable layer that zips over the netting to keep you comfortable in cold temperatures. Every FLEX-180 bed has velcro attached to the bottom so that you can add the matching Clark Z-Liner underquilt to take on very cold temperatures (the Z-Liner for the model will become available in late 2012). Like all Clark hammocks, the bed fabric is both breathable and mosquito-resistant, without the use of harmful chemilcals or double bottoms. This makes the FLEX-180 ideal for hot, muggy conditions where mosquitos thrive

Mosquito-resistant hammock bed; Our largest sil-nylon Vertex Rain Fly includes wind-shedding catenary curves; Fully zippered No-See-Um netting; Breathable WeatherShield zips over netting to create water-repellent layer; stuff sack; Dedicated storage for backpack under head-end hood; When second bed is not being used for an occupant, it acts as space for more storage; Two fiberglass poles are included (each section measures 16 inches / 41 cm); Non-wicking 12 ft. ropes (1700 lbs test for main bed with 1250 lbs third rope); 8high-quality tie-out cords for rain tarp.

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