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  • MARK2 (Pre-Order arrives in 3-6 weeks)

    MARK2 (Pre-Order arrives in 3-6 weeks)

    The MARK2 is a hybrid tent-hammock shelter that provides a roomy, comfortable bed for backpackers whether there are trees or not. This tent deploys quickly with no need for a ground cloth. The patented pole design makes the MARK2 the only hammock on the market that is both stable and able to provide a roomy ground shelter.

    Our Price: $249.00

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  • NX-270


    This is the upgrade to the best-selling NX-250. Get the largest bed with flexible poles to create a more spacious feeling and an easier set-up than ever before. This hammock is made for campers who generally sleep in cooler weather and who want to avoid bringing extra insulation down to about 32 F (0 C). Add the Z-Liner 250 for full winterization.

    Our Price: $459.00

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  • Vertex with WeatherShield

    Vertex with WeatherShield

    The Clark Vertex is the only lightweight camping hammock that sleeps two campers comfortably. This model includes a breathable WeatherShield that zips over the mosquito netting to create the privacy and warmth of a true tent.

    Our Price: $599.00

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  • TraceLite


    The Clark TraceLite is an ultralight shelter that offers Clark durability, real comfort, and excellent protection from the elements and insects.

    Our Price: $219.00

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  • Camo Vertex with WeatherShield

    Camo Vertex with WeatherShield

    Sleeping in a hammock doesn't mean you need to be anti-social. The Clark CAMO Vertex is the only lightweight camping hammock that sleeps two campers comfortably.

    Our Price: $679.00

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  • Tropical Ultra

    Tropical Ultra

    The Clark Tropical Ultra offers the most durability and bug protection for warm environments. Get the highest quality No-See-Um netting paired with sturdy, mosquito-repellant bed fabric. You will stay dry, comfortable and bug-free.

    Our Price: $329.00

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  • North American

    North American

    The North American is our base four-season model. Stay comfortable in cool temperatures and enjoy quick deployment of this lightweight four-season package. Add the matching Z-Liner Vertex underquilt for full winterization.

    Our Price: $389.00

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  • Flex-180


    The Flex-180 is a solo hammock that should only be purchased by experienced hammock campers. The purpose of this hammock is to provide the flattest sleeping position possible. Storage inside the hammock keeps everything you need close at hand.

    Our Price: $459.00

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