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Four Season Hammock

Enjoy year-round comfort in a hammock built for the long haul. Get insulating pockets and a breathable enclosure.

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  • NX-270


    The NX-270 is a Backpacker Magazine "best new hammock." Get a large solo bed with great 4-season options.

    Our Price: $399.00

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  • VX - Ultra Double Hammock

    VX - Ultra Double Hammock

    The top-of-the-line VX is a double hammock that offers maximum cold weather comfort. By utilizing the insulating pockets that hang under your bed, you can sleep down to 35 F without extra insulation beyond a sleeping bag. The tent contains two quality beds that each offer zippered access to six insulation pockets. Enjoy pack storage and a spacious netted canopy. The canopy also includes a breathable layer that zips up for privacy and warmth. Add a Z-Liner underquilt for temperatures below 35 F.

    Our Price: $599.00

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