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Jungle Hammock

Clark TX Series is not just a hammock with mosquito net. It is so much more. Get storage, a mosquito-proof bottom, extra air circulation for humid environments, lots of head room and more.

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  • Camo TX-270

    Camo TX-270

    The Camo TX-270 is our largest solo hammock for campers who need to stay cool in warm, tropical conditions. Flexible poles create a spacious interior.

    Our Price: $379.00

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  • Camo TX-270 with WeatherShield

    Camo TX-270 with WeatherShield

    Flexible poles and our largest bed create a more spacious feeling and an easier set-up than ever before. This hammock is best for warm temperatures, but can be fully winterized using an underquilt.

    Our Price: $399.00

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  • TX-270


    The TX-270 is the ultimate mosquito-proof hammock. It is the only lightweight, entirely mosquito-proof, breathable hammock on earth. Even the most aggressive mosquitoes can't bite you through the breathable bottom. Access storage pockets with interior zippers.

    Our Price: $399.00

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  • TX-270 with WeatherShield

    TX-270 with WeatherShield

    The TX-270 is the ultimate hammock with mosquito net. The bed fabric offers protection against most types of mosquitoes. For areas where mosquitoes are particularly large and aggressive, the included Z-Net velcros on to cover the entire bed, keeping pests several inches away from your body. This model is well-tested in some of the most challenging mosquito environments, including the Amazon rain forest.

    Our Price: $449.00

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